I traveled to the Holy Land for my first ever pilgrimage with the Saint Pius X Pilgrimage Co. in May of 2014.  Tour Director Christine di Cecco was always helpful in answering questions and in giving sound advice for a Holy and safe pilgrimage.  Her assistant Raymond Kinsgbury, was ever alert to keep our group moving in smooth fashion.  Our tour guide Tony and our bus driver Karim guided us with expertise, and the hotel accommodations were excellent. Our Spiritual Director was Father John Young, and his efforts to say Mass for us daily were on a couple of occasions beyond the call of duty.  It can be difficult to access certain locations for Mass, and it was a beautiful thing to see God’s grace at work when we needed Him most.  At times the heat made it difficult for Father Young to say Mass, but he did persevere to make sure we pilgrims received the Body and Blood of Jesus daily at Holy Places. From Mount Carmel to Galilee, to Jericho and Jerusalem, we followed the footsteps of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and of many other servants of God.  It was a Holy Pilgrimage and an enjoyable experience with much camaraderie.  What we get out of a pilgrimage is what we put into it. I thank the Saint Pius X Pilgrimage Company for a pilgrimage I will never forget.  If I am able to do so, I will travel with this company again for another Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

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